What is "Cloud Stash"?

Let your customers purchase scenes and keep them in the cloud for later access

People choose to access adult content differently. Some like monthly streaming memberships, some want to purchase and download video for offline viewing on their devices, and some want to purchase adult content but don't want to keep it on their devices. That's where "Cloud Stash" is a great option.

With "Cloud Stash" a customer can purchase a video and it is stored "in the cloud" and available for them to stream and watch from anywhere they have an internet connection without it needing to be stored on their device. The ultimate in privacy. This option is perfect for your customers who are interested in keeping scenes forever with no time restrictions like the ones imposed by a monthly membership. Customers buy credits and spend them as they choose and their credits never expire. Your customers can watch purchased videos from any device that has a browser including mobile phones, tablets, and desktops. Nothing to download and no evidence to hide. No subscription, nothing to cancel.

With "Cloud Stash" customers can:

  • Purchase scenes
  • Save to the cloud
  • Watch from any internet connected smartphone/tablet/computer
  • Have access to the scenes forever for one price

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Use credits to stash a scene to the cloud

Credits can vary by scene
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Cloud Stash confirmation screen

Purchase is kept in the cloud
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After purchase confirmation

Can be played from any device with a browser