Frequently Asked Questions

Below are some of the most frequently asked questions about Adult SiteRunner. If these topics don't give you what you are looking for please feel free to contact us for more information.

What is Adult SiteRunner ?

Adult SiteRunner is a cloud content management system (CCMS) that comes standard with file ingestion, cloud video encoding, and secure-streaming video delivery using CDNs to both desktop and mobile devices. It also includes a monetization engine that combines traditional membership revenue with downloading of individual scenes and cloud stashing. We are the first CMS in the market to fully integrate “one-click” purchases offered by third party billers like CCBill and Epoch to drive revenue and truly power the monetization of individual video files in addition to the traditional membership model on a single platform, our CMS.

Who are you and what's your history in the adult business?

Support hours, policy?

What makes you different those other guys like ElevatedX, AWiz, and that Wordpress plugin?

Can I let my members download my videos?

How do established sites get customers acclimated to paying for downloads?

Do I need a Server? Does ASR take care of hosting for me?

What is the Technology that ASR uses to stream videos?

What technology do you use to stream your videos to Mobile devices?

What is the “one click” option integrated on the CMS ?

How does “one click” work?

Adult SiteRunner is a CCBill Integration Partner, what does that mean?

Are mobile sites included on your standard package?

Are the mobile sites you offer a separate charge?

What technology do you use to stream to mobile devices worldwide?

What is cloud stash and how does it work?

Can I see a live demo of the cloud stash feature?

Is the CMS always hosted on your end? Back up for power, weather, etc?

Is the CDN always hosted on your end? Back up for power, weather, etc?

Are you compatible with Epoch/CCBill cascade?

Is there a member management module included? How does that work? What information do you collect?

Do I need to use a service like Strong Box or Phantom Frog to secure my site with your software?

Discount & Promo Codes, how do those work?