What is "One-Click"?

Increase your revenue by letting your customers buy more with one-click

By now you know that at ASR we are a big proponent that memberships are for streaming and that video downloads are monetized separately. To support that strategy our CMS takes full advantage of the “one click” option offered by your billing company. Simply put, "one-click" is the ability for your customer to make additional purchases and upgrades without re-entering their credit card information. Once a customer has made an initial purchase with your billing company (such as CCBill or Epoch) that customers payment information remains on file with them. With "one-click" customers can make additional purchases on your web site without re-entering that information. This allows the customer to make more impulsive purchases quickly and easily while sill keeping their information securley in the 3rd party billing company's system. All transactions are processed via your billing company instantly allowing customer access via Adult SiteRunner's CMS.

With "One-Click" customers can:

  • Upgrade membership
  • Re-activate membership
  • Purchase credits & use them to download or stash scenes
  • Purchase additional credits
  • Purchase tangible goods such as DVDs

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Members can download using purchased credits

Drawing from their account credits
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After Purchasing Credits

Customer can download scenes until their credits are exhasted.
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Customer watch downlaoded video

And can be accesed on the Customer's account